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Hiroshige: 36 Views of Fuji

Hiroshige: 60odd Provinces

Hiroshige: 100 Views of Edo

Hiroshige: Fish Series

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Print Series of Ando Hiroshige, by page

The 'standard' reference for the work of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858, sometimes called Ando Hiroshige) is the volume "The Colour Prints of
Hiroshige", by Edward F. Strange, Cassell and Company, London, 1925 (since reprinted by Dover).

Tokaido Series

'Hoeido' Tokaido; Senkakuda and Hoeido; oban yokoye; 1834: page 135
'Gyosho' Tokaido; Yezakiya (Yetatsu); oban yokoye: page 142
'Comic Poem' Tokaido; Sanoki; chuban yokoye: page 145
Tokaido; Tsutaya; chuban yokoye: page 149
'Reisho' Tokaido; Marusei; oban yokoye: not listed
'Upright' Tokaido; Tsutaya; oban tateye; 1855: page 151
'Two Brush' Tokaido (with Kunisada); Maruya Kishiro; 1854-1857: page 156
'Historical' Tokaido (with Kunisada and Kuniyoshi); Ibasen, Ibakui and others; oban tateye: page 157



Views of Edo

Famous Views of Edo; Kawaguchi-Shozo; oban yokoye; 1830: page 171
12 Views of Edo; yotsugiri yokoye: page 172
8 Views of the Neighborhood of Edo; Kikakudo; oban yokoye: page 173
Famous Sights of Edo; Kikakudo, Sanoki, Sanoya; oban yokoye; 1833-1843: page 174
Views of Edo; Kikakido; chuban yokoye: page 175
Views of Edo; Kawasho; oban yokoye: page 175
Famous Views of Edo; Fujihiko; chu-tanzuka: page 176
8 Views of Shiba, Edo; Echizenya; oban yokoye: page 177
8 Views of the Sumida in Edo; Sanoki; aiban yokoye: page 177
Famous Tea-Houses in Edo; Fujihiko; oban yokoye: page 177
8 Views of Edo; Fujikei; chuban yokoye: page 178
100 Views of Famous Places in Edo; Uwoya Yeikichi, Shitaya; oban tateye; 1856-1859: page 180

Other Landscape Series

69 Stations of the Kisokaido; Takenuchi-Hoeido and Kinjudo; oban yokoye: page 161
8 Views of Omi; Hoiedo and Yeisendo; oban yokoye: page 173
Views of Kyoto; Yeisendo; oban yokoye; 1835: page 173
Famous Sights of the Main Island; Fujihiko, Matsubarudo; oban yokoye: page 175
Eight Views of Kanazawa; Koshihei; oban yokoye: page 176
Six Rivers Named Tamagawa; Tsutaya; oban yokoye: page 176
Famous Harbours of Japan; Marusei; oban yokoye: page 176
36 Views of Mount Fuji; Sanoki; chuban yokoye; 1852: page 178
Pictures of Famous Places in the 60-Odd Provinces; Koshihei; oban tateye; 1853-1856: page 183
Wrestling Matches Between Mountains and Seas; Yamadaya; oban yokoye; 1858: page 179
36 Views of Mount Fuji; Tsutaya; oban tateye; 1858: page 179










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